4 Ways to Feel a More Intense High

Intense High

Are you an avid cannabis user? Have you done ample research into cannabis products before using them? If you answered yes to both these questions then you might want to start kicking up your high experience when using cannabis. It is recommended that you only use more potent cannabis products when you are comfortable and familiar with certain strains, so you are not overwhelmed by sensations of an extreme high. Here’s how to get the most out of your weed experience, your Intense High.

1. Smoke from a Bong

Why does smoking cannabis from a bong create a stronger high? The water filter and cooling process allow you to inhale a larger hit. If you are looking at using a gravity bong, you can increase the amount of cannabis you inhale in one breath with minimal effort.

Whoa! This exciting knowledge makes you want to get out and buy a bong right away. Canada Bliss Herbals can inform you about the different types of weed better suited to bongs for an enhanced trip.

2. High THC Strains

Do you get confused at your cannabis dispensary when looking around for weed that will take you on an epic journey? Look for strains with high THC levels for a more intense experience.

If you are wondering which strain to use for the most epic high, there is no direct answer as it really depends on the level of THC contained in each. You will feel the positive vibes from cannabis with Sativa, Indica, or a Hybrid. Each strain provides varying results. Sativa gives you an energetic feeling whereas Indica is more calming allowing you to feel that zoned-out sensation. A Hybrid experience offers a bit of energy with some super relaxed vibes. Which are you looking for? Ask your bud expert for advice.

3. Eat Mango Prior to Indulging in Your Cannabis

Are you looking for a prolonged high as well as an intense one? Try chowing down on some deliciously sweet mango before partaking in your cannabis experience. Why? The myrcene terpenes, an active sedating principle in mango, combines with the myrcene in cannabis to move the THC to your brain quicker. The combination leads to an intensely prolonged high. What an adventure!

4. Change of Scenery and Strain

Do you like to smoke your favourite strain of weed outside on your patio? This is great but you might need a change. Performing the same routine for a long period of time can cause you to become bored with the activity and lose the sense of high you are looking for. Altering the atmosphere where you enjoy cannabis makes the experience exciting and almost new again. Changing the strain off your cannabis can re-ignite the high you initially felt. You may even experience more intensity with a new product as it is something your body has not become tolerant to.

Cannabis can provide you with many emotions so enjoy the Intense high on your trip.

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