Wedding: How to Incorporate Cannabis into Your Wedding

A Cannabis Wedding

A cannabis wedding! What? You heard it right! With the legalization of cannabis comes this brilliant option for your wedding reception.

What are some ways to incorporate cannabis into your wedding?

 Floral Arrangements

Since cannabis is a flower, why not create a cannabis floral arrangement? You can use purple kush for an extra oomph of colour or stick with the stringy looking weed to create a fantasy theme. Look for a florist that is well versed in incorporating cannabis into their designs, so you can have beautiful and unique looking bouquets. Best yet, after your wedding ceremony is over, the flowers don’t just sit and wilt but can be cooked, smoked or vaped to really get the party going.


There are many flavours of cannabis so instead of doing something typical at your wedding like an alcohol bar with a bartender, have a bar with a budtender. You can pick a variety of cannabis flavours to try and offer to your guests just like cocktails, only better. The aroma will fill the room as your guests take in the wonders of their cannabis delights. You might even try infusing cannabis oil into your wedding cake, making the taste even more out of this world. After all, cannabis enhances your taste buds.


Accessorize not only your wedding attire but your wedding in general with a wide choice of cannabis products to use for smoking or vaping. You can have fun with cannabis accessories through a plethora of rolling papers and pipes in all different colours and styles. Show off your wedding theme with a colour scheme of pipes and rolling papers to match. Oh, and don’t forget the party favours. All your guests will be happy to take home the memento from your wedding with a little bud tied up in a box and adorned with a ribbon.


Weed allows you to let go of your inhibitions as you dance the night away! Dancing at a wedding is one of the most exciting parts so why not use cannabis to express your inner dancing queen with a style and rhythm that is all your own! You will be sure to hear the rhythm differently than ever before as your creativity is heightened with cannabis.

Make your wedding stand out from the norm. This type of wedding will have your party hopping. Wedding Cake is even a cannabis strain so why not have a cannabis wedding from start to finish!

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