Shatter 101


Are you looking to dab into something that will give you a little bit of a different weed experience? Shatter will take you on an epic high and is also beneficial for medicinal purposes.

Why does shatter look like shards of glass?

The formation of shatter is what creates its glass-like appearance. The molecules in this form of cannabis are stacked neatly together and allow light to shine through the extract, giving it the look of glass. It can also get a sappy look and feel with the addition of heat or moisture affecting the texture. Shatter will shatter when dropped or if it sits in cold temperatures, much like glass.

How is shatter different from other forms of cannabis? It is made through stripping trichomes from the cannabis flower, forming the extract, a potent THC strain of cannabis. Shatter, being an extract, means that it contains an almost pure level of THC.

What are the benefits of shatter?

Shatter works quickly to provide its benefits. Since it is high in THC levels, it can help act as an appetite stimulant, aid in pain control, help stabilize your mood, and reduce inflammation. Shatter provides you with stable levels of cannabis that last for quite a lengthy period.

How do you use shatter?

Try dabbing your shatter as it can help with nausea almost immediately. These concentrated little sticky portions of cannabis can be used by heating it on a hot surface then inhaled. You might even want to vape your shatter or smoke it by mixing it with your cannabis flower though the most common and one of the best ways to use your shatter is through dabbing.

What exactly is dabbing?

Dabbing is where you heat up your cannabis extract then inhale it through a dab rig, a glass product similar to a bong but used solely for extracts. Make sure your dab rig is cleaned out before and after each use just as you would a bong for a healthier, purer high.

If you’ve been looking for cannabis that will provide you with potency in small amounts, shatter is it. Make sure you take your time to get used to the strength of shatter to enjoy the full experience of it. For more questions regarding shatter, ask your bud experts at Canada Bliss Herbals who can direct you to a variety of shatters for your every occasion.

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