The 6 Benefits of Eating Raw Cannabis

Raw Cannabis

When you think of cannabis, you often think of smoking it or cooking with it. Cannabis has many benefits being missed out on because of the avoidance of raw consumption. Yes, cannabis can be consumed in its raw form and this is beneficial to you. How?

1. Chlorophyll

Cannabis is loaded with chlorophyll, a green pigment that has many health benefits.

I. Anti-Ageing: Do you feel your skin is starting to droop and wrinkle? Chlorophyll reduces signs of photoaging and allows you to look your best.

II. Reduce Body Odour: Do you notice a foul smell coming from your body? Try adding products with chlorophyll to your diet to help improve your body odour. Getting fresh is easy with cannabis!

III. Fights Certain Cancers: Chlorophyll is known to fight certain types of cancer. This immense benefit can help you feel and live a healthier life. Always ask your doctor first if consuming cannabis is a viable, healthy option for you.


What is THCA? The precursor to THC, the non-psychoactive acid form from the cannabis plant. THC only occurs when you heat THCA through the process of decarboxylation. You don’t need to worry about getting high on THCA and can use it solely for its health benefits of anti-inflammation, neuroprotectants, nausea reduction, and appetite stimulation.


CBDA is the non-psychoactive cannabinoid and acidic precursor to CBD. This element found within raw cannabis can be consumed without the fear of feeling high. The benefits of consuming the CBDA raw cannabis ingredient are a reduction or elimination of seizures, reduction of nausea, antidepressant properties, and inhibition of cancer cells.

4. Terpenes

The aromatic parts of the cannabis plant, known as terpenes, usually get burnt when smoked therefore you lose out on its many benefits. Terpenes provide you with a sense of calm allowing you to get better sleep and may also help stop convulsions.

5. Fibre

Are you looking to add more fibre to your diet? Raw cannabis can help you with this. This high-fibrous plant helps your digestion, mental health, and immune system. If you find the cannabis leaves to be harsh on your stomach, try drinking it mixed into a smoothie. You will be thankful for the benefits.

6. Vitamins and Antioxidants

Leafy greens like cannabis are nutrient-rich. Cannabinoid acids are not the only thing contained in the plant but also folate, iron, Vitamins C and K, plus calcium. These healthy nutrients can help you de-stress. So, breathe easy and chow down on some raw cannabis with your next meal.

Next time you pop into the local dispensary, gravitate to raw cannabis that you believe will taste best on your salad or in your smoothie. Your bud expert can help you determine which raw cannabis products will provide you with the benefits you are looking for.

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