Top 4 Ways to Store Your Cannabis

Store Your Cannabis

You have purchased marijuana but are not going to use it all at once. How do you ensure it is kept fresh and ready for when you want it? Also, what is the best way to store your marijuana so that it is safely concealed from children?

Store Your Cannabis

1. Keep It Up High or Hidden

You want to avoid cannabis coming into contact with anyone under the legal age, especially children. How do you do this? Keep your cannabis up in a high location, out of reach of young children. Kids are curious and will wander around the house searching for things. You should store your cannabis like you would any other medication or over the counter drug. You can even hide your cannabis in a childproof container or a locked storage cabinet, somewhere your little ones are less likely to look. To keep them from accidentally grabbing and chewing on it, you need to take precautions. Detrimental health effects can result if cannabis gets into the wrong mouth.

Be smart and keep cannabis away from your children.

2. Brrrr…Freeze

Cannabis is best kept fresh when in the cold so what better way to store your products than in the freezer. Make sure your cannabis buds are fully dry and sealed in an airtight container before placing them in the freezer.

Allow your frozen buds to thaw before using them as the trichomes can easily break off from the cold if used too quickly. Now that cannabis you bought a year ago has not been sitting on the counter, going to waste but is fresh and usable. Of course, it does lose some of its potency over time but is still as fresh as it can be if you choose to store it.

3. Glass Mason Jars

What kind of airtight container is best to keep your cannabis in to attain its freshness? Glass mason jars are perfect for this kind of storage and can keep your cannabis fresh for up to a year. The airtight closure will help the cannabis from drying out too much and stop the buds from being crushed together. It is good to note that you will want to fill your jar about ¾ full for ultimate positive impact.

The glass mason jars also keep in the smell of marijuana, concealing the scent from your children. It is less likely your child will be enquiring about marijuana in your home if the smell is kept under wraps.

4. Stay Away from the Light

No one likes mouldy cannabis and storing it in the light can cause mould or mildew to grow, making your cannabis unusable. Store your cannabis in a dark location so there is less chance of you getting sick from using a mouldy, mildew ridden bud.

Preserve your cannabis for ultimate freshness until you want to use it. Properly stored cannabis keeps everyone safe and provides you with a fresh product when you want to take your trip. Savour your cannabis experience instead of disregarding your buds, don’t them go bad after spending your hard-earned cash on them.

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