Cannabis for Epilepsy

Cannabis for Epilepsy

If you or someone you know suffers from epilepsy, you are well aware of the frightening consequences. You wish there was something to help control the seizures and now there is. Cannabis is a wonderful form of medication for sufferers of epilepsy. THC and CBD can both help with calming down your epileptic fits.

Cannabis for Epilepsy

Before you decide to try cannabis, speak with your doctor first to determine which kind of epilepsy you have to figure out what type of medicinal cannabis will work best on you.

Why is THC a key component in helping you deal with epilepsy? The reason is that the THC connects with the cells in your brain that control your excitement and relaxation. This combination helps to regulate your reactions thus taking charge of your seizures. Do you mean seizures can really be stopped? Yes, medical marijuana can truly help you relax without having to worry about constant seizures. You might be a great candidate for CBD oil to help treat your epilepsy. In this case, the CBD provides the benefit without the high. CBD oil can help eliminate or lessen your seizures while reducing pain and inflammation.

Maybe you need a medical marijuana solution that has a mix of CBD and THC. What options are available as a combination therapy to treat epilepsy?

Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web is an ideal treatment solution for children with epilepsy as it contains approximately 0.3% of THC and high amounts of CBD so you don’t run the risk of your little one getting high. This specific form of cannabis helps your body to relax resulting in the alleviation of seizures. What are the key characteristics of this type of cannabis? It looks like a web, hence the name and has long trichomes that wrap around the buds.

Where did the name come from? This weed was discovered through trial and error with a girl named Charlotte who suffered from a severe form of epilepsy known as Dravet syndrome. After trying all forms of treatments without success, her parents discovered a cannabis oil that’s extraction worked on reducing her seizure frequency and intensity. Since their discovery, cannabis has been widely used to treat the various complications caused by epilepsy.

Speak to your bud expert or cannabis doctor to discover answers to your questions so that you can feel fully confident using this green medicine for epilepsy treatment. Medical marijuana really can provide you with solutions if you let it.

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