Blue Fin Tuna


Blue Fin Tuna is a rare indica dominant hybrid strain that is said to be a cross between Tuna Kush and Blueberry. Even with its beautifully relaxing indica high, Blue Fin Tuna’s stench can be overpowering.

Big chunky Blue Fin Tuna. Gassy and super sticky. This particular batch is astonishingly colourful; unfortunately the photo doesn’t show much of the purple or blue tints. Hairs are mixed white, yellow and orange. A rather strong night time smoke, be prepared for a couch locked high.


BFT gives a radiating stone and a light lift that quickly expands into focused couch lock and blissful content.


Used in treating those suffering from conditions such as chronic fatigue, ADD or ADHD, headaches or migraines, depression and chronic stress

THC 24%

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