Da Vinci Vaporizer

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The DaVinci Vaporizer stands out in the vaporizer community for its handheld radio-like appearance. The mouthpiece on the DaVinci is a rubber tip on a flexible woven plastic “straw” known as the flexi-straw.

The flexi-straw screws into a threaded opening on the top righthand corner of the DaVinci and resembles an antenna when in place.

The DaVinci itself consists of a metallic body with a soft touch finish that gives it a bit of extra grip.

On the front of the vaporizer are three buttons: Power (heating chamber power, not unit power), “-” to decrease temperature, and “+” to increase temperature.

Above the buttons is a small LCD screen (used to display temperature and battery life) which glows blue when the DaVinci is powered on.

Above the LCD screen is a small heater indicator light which cycles through three colors to indicate the heating chamber status. A blue light means the heating chamber is not active, a red light indicates heating, and a green light for when the heating chamber has reached the proper temperature range.

To the right of the indicator light and LCD screen is a grill which exposes the outside of the heating chamber.

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