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Orange Pekoe is the term that the tea industry uses to describe a particular quality of black tea. Small to medium sized whole leaves are usually classified as Orange Pekoe. For some people, the term refers to any type of black tea. With its proven cancer-fighting antioxidants black tea is a healthy and delicious beverage.

At Mary’s, we thought we would add the “orange” to the “pekoe” with our unique blend of black tea. Our combination of Ceylon tea is scented with the natural oils of orange and cinnamon. We then infuse the tea with just the right amount of high quality cannabis extract in order to brew an incredibly flavorful cup! For those who prefer a little zing with their black tea, our orange pekoe is the most delicious way to safely medicate.To make a cup of tea we recommend steeping one tea bag in boiling water for 3 to 7 minutes. Longer steep times will increase both the flavor and potency of the beverage. Adding milk will also increase the effects of the cannabis, as the active components, known as cannabinoids, react even better with the fats in the milk. For a stronger brew add a second tea bag. When making a pot of tea, add one bag for every 7 ounces of boiling water that you pour into your pot.


cancer, eating disorders, stress reducers, improved focus

Cannabinoid Content (whole package):

THC mg 60

CBD mg 6

CBN mg


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