OG x Northern Lights Haze (LSO) Oz Special

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We were lucky to get this OG x Northern Lights Haze from a small batch, organic craft grower! Terps you can taste with incredible skunky citrus notes with hints of cherry, this hits hard with heavy highs of euphoria! Some of the tasty weed we have had the pleasure of smoking, you don’t want to miss out on the incredible flavour and high of this organic OG x Northern Lights Haze! 

Living Soil Organic is a growing method centered on the microbial life inside the soil. Through evolution over thousands of years, Mother Nature has developed a symbiotic relationship between the plants and the microbial life in the soil: fungi, bacteria, protozoa, and many other types. These microorganisms form a soil food web that help feed the plants, in exchange from carbons and sugars that the plant releases (extrudes) through their roots into the soil. In this organic style of growing, the power is given back to the plants, who as living beings have evolved over time to learn to feed their own needs by finding what they require in the soil in which they live. It is this ecosystem in the soil and its relationship with the plant that we call living soil.

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THC: 27-29%

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