Pink Gas Mask


Pink Gas Mask offers everything you love about the best of indicas. Long lasting, sedative, uplifting and relaxing, it is what everything a good indica should be. It would be best to have your schedule cleared when using this strain, or to save it for a day off or for the evening as it can be quite heavy hitting and will surely leave you quite stoned. It’s the perfect strain to help you unwind or find relief and soothe away any stress or pains.

A cerebral, euphoric uplift will help wash away any stress, depression, anxiety, negative thoughts or symptoms of PTSD. As the high progresses, a numbing sensation settles in and eases your body into a relaxing state of sedation. Perfect for medical users, Pink Gas Mask’s sedative nature will help alleviate bodily pains, and its calmness can also aid insomnia sufferers transition into a good night’s sleep!

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