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Sativa strains are known for their cerebral high. Sativas are the perfect strain for daytime use, as sativas tend to energize you and leave you feeling uplifted. Sativa strains typically provide an overall happy and euphoric effect on the user. A sativa dominant strain would be considered a good choice when looking to become more productive or creative with your day, but not so much if you’re looking to relax. We’re always updating our menu with new strains that will help keep your days interesting and fun!

Sativa is the strain of cannabis known to provide you with an energetic and uplifting mood. It can help with depression and enhance your overall emotional state. Sativa is easily identified by its tall skinny branches which are spaced quite a distance apart from each other. What does Sativa smell like? This strain of the marijuana plant has a sweet, spicy, or sometimes fruity aroma.

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