5 of the Best Tips and Tricks to Avoid Weed Breath

Weed Breath

After a puff or two on the balcony, you finally feel relaxed after your stressful day. Cannabis helps calm your nerves and release happy endorphins. 10 minutes later your phone rings and it’s your significant other saying he/she is coming over. Yikes! You have weed breath, and no one wants to kiss that. What do you do? Here are 5 ways to get rid of weed breath.

1. Eat Strong Smelling Foods

Do you have some peanut butter in your pantry or did you recently buy some fresh ginger? Chowing down on these foods will help mask the smelly breath from your earlier smoke. The potent scent from these foods overpowers the potency of the cannabis odour. Make sure your ginger is raw, natural ginger. Added sugars to candied or crystallized ginger can actually create even more bad breath due to a reaction with natural bacteria in your mouth.

2. Mouthwash

Mouthwash is one of the most effective ways to reduce the weed smell coming from your mouth. With the cannabis market on a high, new products have been developed, specifically aimed at eliminating weed breath. Several products are available to purchase online from your cannabis provider. Try one of these rinses for a fresh, clean feeling and bright smelling mouth.

3. Lemons

Are you a fan of all things sour? You might want to try squeezing some lemons and drinking the juice to get rid of the smell coming from your mouth. Just as lemons are the perfect trick for removing fish smell on a fisherman’s hands, they are ideal for deleting the odour of cannabis. Active acids from this citrus fruit act as a natural mouthwash. Make sure you are drinking real fresh lemon juice. Artificially flavoured juices do not have the same effect.

4. Water

A healthy option for removing some of the stenches from weed breath is to drink water and lots of it. 1-2 pints of water will allow your body to eliminate much of the weed residue coating your oral cavity. Drink up! There are so many benefits to hydrating yourself such as allowing your body to properly function and rinsing away food particles. Don’t forget, a glass of H2O has no calories.

5. Edibles

Try getting your cannabis high by consuming edibles. Edibles come in many forms including gummies and homemade brownies and you can find some great recipes for your favourite cookies. Eating cannabis does not produce the smell that comes from burning or vaping your weed. It is also great to know that mixing cannabis with food can completely hide the smell of the weed itself. You are getting your cannabis experience without the bad breath that can come with it.

So go ahead, get your high on while avoiding the embarrassment and foul odours of weed breath. Your significant other will thank you, trust us.