The Plethora of Benefits with Cannabis Tea

Cannabis Tea

Tea is soothing and comforting. A hot cup of tea is ideal for those cold winter days or deep conversations with your best friend. Add cannabis to your tea and you have an even more positive drink, one that has many health benefits.

So, how do you make cannabis tea?

Get rid of any seeds or stems from your cannabis bud. Next, add some organic fat such as coconut oil or butter. Fats act as a binding agent allowing you to feel the effects of cannabis. Add water, allowing it to simmer for about 30 minutes. Add anything extra you think will make your cannabis tea taste even more flavourful. You may want to add a sweetener such as honey or brown sugar, or perhaps you prefer the taste of lemons in your tea.

Benefits – What are they?


Cannabis tea can help alleviate any nausea you may feel due to a minor illness. Tea is calming for your stomach and the THC in cannabis relieves nausea.

Helps Bowel Problems

Cannabis interacts with receptors of your digestive tract, making it great at alleviating bowel issues by reducing muscle spasms and pain. Don’t force yourself to consume more food to help get your bowels back on track. Your upset stomach will thank you when you drink some cannabis tea.

Breathe Easy

Do you have difficulty breathing? Perhaps you have problems getting enough air into your lungs. Cannabis tea can help. How? Cannabis allows the airflow to your lungs to increase by decreasing any resistance in your respiratory tract. You don’t have to smoke cannabis to feel better, you can gain its benefits from a cup of cannabis tea.

Stops Insomnia

Are you waking up at all hours of the night, wandering around, trying to find something that will cure your insomnia? A wonderful cure for this is cannabis-infused tea, a soothing and natural remedy unlike that of sleeping pills. Cannabis tea has long-lasting effects which means you will likely sleep through the night.

What else?

Cannabis tea is not only warm, comforting, and healing but it is great because drinking tea keeps you hydrated. You might also want to be a bit discreet when consuming your marijuana, therefore, tea is a great way to accomplish this. It is unlikely anyone will question what is in the tea you are drinking as opposed to enquiring why your smoke is so white.

Canada Bliss Herbals, an online cannabis dispensary, can help you discover the best strains of cannabis for your tea experience and even has some pre-made mixes on hand for you to try.

Now that edibles are legal in Alberta, you can consume a delicious cannabis biscuit with your cannabis-infused tea. Mmmm what a great way to end your day.

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